Bricolage mon Amour

A serial web tutorial seriale for Leroy Merlin

Took first place at the NC Digital Awards for Best Integrated Digital Campaign in the Furniture and Accessories section.



From the word go, Leroy Merlin gave us very clear instructions to put together editorial content that represented the brand’s values and pointed consumers towards the world of DIY- the prime driving force behind their sales – the idea of ‘Self Made’, originality and customizing different home spaces.


Successfully offer advice and ideas for house-improvement to a target audience of between 25-45 years of age, largely comprised of creative professionals within the medium to high bracket dissatisfied with buying mass-produced merchandise. The objective was not to project a tone that was too promotional and not use LM merchandise product-placement within the format itself.


We put together a format apt for all web platforms (websites, social networks, YouTube channels, the Leroy Merlin app), that was light and non-condescending and suitable for the target audience. We created an engaging narrative for the consumer through the serial nature of our videos, with an account or narration, as it were, from an individual, surrounded by recognizable day-to-day life objects, which was conducive to the mechanism of identification. The project’s crucial point lay in choosing the right talent for the job – not a host, but rather a “real” person, a DIY expert with an immense dialectical capacity in presentation. A long and selective casting eventually led us to choosing Marina, a visual merchandiser with a history of working in creative advertising, perfect for meeting our needs. The format’s strong points included the fact that we established a direct line with the consumer by making Marina available for chats in which she gave the consumer advice and suggestions, as well as showing an off-line version of the video in Leroy Merlin’s stores.