about us


“Bin jip” is the original Korean title of the movie 3-Iron (Empty House) – directed by Kim Ki Duk. Like the movie’s protagonist, we love to nose around, to discover a myriad of different viable scenarios where others just see an empty room. We love to venture into the heart of less well-known forms of broadcast communication, bringing a new lease of life to the world of communication: that’s our movie.

Who we are

We don’t really like conventional labels, but if we have to choose a way of describing us, we like to

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think that we are a production house with both creativity-oriented producers and production-oriented creative talent. Quality, problem solving, storytelling, no frills, ethics, flexibility: that’s our script.

What we do

Video production is in our very DNA, but the work we do goes far further than that: we create content with a strong element of story telling for social media strategies, tailored according to each client’s specific communication needs. Every single one of our ideas must be innovative, creative and useful. Entertainment that is useful, practical and exciting: that’s our game.

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How we work

Our creative nature and dynamic production structure make us the ideal partner for companies who we work alongside with on the social/web elements of their campaigns. We shorten response times by involving the companies that we work for in the creative side of our work and cutting out all unnecessary costs in order to achieve an optimal (no frills) final product. That’s our work.